Új kedvencünk van, ha a kutyák fotózásáról van szó

17/10/03 kedd
Christian Vieler nagyon türelmes ember lehet. Egész nap próbálja elcsípni a legjobb ebarcokat.

A trükk a jutalomfalatokban van: az ebek bármit megtesznek néhány finom falatért. Figyelem, a cukiságfaktort egy teljes napra kimaxolják a következő kutyák!

A Dutch Shepherd Dog snaps up a treat mid-air in a series of hilarious and heartwarming pictures taken by photographer Christian Vieler

A German Shepherd catches a treat

A Labrador Retriever snaps up a treat

Bewildered: In the shots, the dogs appear surprised, happy, sad – or confused, like this Labrador Retriever

Christian, 45, first became interested in photographing dogs while exploring a new camera he purchased in 2012

Not wanting to keep asking his friends to pose up, Christian decided to photograph a range of pooches instead, including this Great Dane

Having worked on perfecting the technique for his shots, he now gets bombarded with requests to take photographs for other pets

A Pug puckers up for treat: Christian says 'every shoot I'm looking for specific moment when the dog is looking as cute or funny as can be

Christian added: 'When I meet my clients - the dogs - I don't know where the journey will end. So I have to master the challenge'

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